Resistive Film for Throttle Position Sensor
Thick Film PCB
Thick Film Flexible Heater
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Resistive Film for Throttle Position Sensor

Resistive Film for Throttle Position Sensor

Thick Film PCB for Automotive

Thick Film Element for household appliance

Thick Film Flexible Heater

Thick Film Ceramic Heating Element

Thick Film Stainless Steel Heating Element

Rotary Position Sensor

Throttle Valve Sensor

Thick Film Resistor for Fuel Level

Precision engineering and innovation are two things that TPS Micro is deeply committed to.

  1. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS):

Our Throttle Position Sensor dominates the competition when it comes to monitoring the throttle valve in automobile engines. It is renowned for its precision and dependability and is essential for improving pollution control, fuel economy, and engine performance. reputable automakers attest to its excellence, so believe us.


  1. Resistive Film:

In the realm of electronic parts and sensors, our premium resistive films are true diamonds. They are used in thick film hybrids, printed PCB resistors, and resistive position sensors due to their good electrical characteristics and stability. Versatility done right!


  1. Thick Film PCB:

Prepare yourself to be awed by our Thick Film PCBs. They promise greater performance and dependability in Thick film circuit board since they were made using a specific thick-film deposition method. signal loss reduction and improved electrical conductivity? Absolutely.


  1. Resistive Position Sensor:

Our Resistive Position Sensors are a collision between precision and accuracy. When precise position sensing is required for automotive, industrial, or consumer applications, their reliable measurements make them crucial.


  1. Resistive Film Sensor:

It has never been easier to reliably detect changes in physical qualities like pressure, tension, or temperature. Our Resistive Film Sensors provide modification possibilities, so they may expertly adapt to the needs of your particular application.


  1. Printed PCB Resistors:

Greetings, electrical circuits’ consistent and dependable resistance values. Numerous electronic equipment depend on our printed PCB resistors to maintain smooth signal management and flow.


  1. Thick Film Resistor:

Anything you can think of, including power electronics, telecommunications, and medical equipment, is covered by our Thick Film Resistors PCB. The Thick film network resistors are genuine all-arounders with good stability, high power handling capability, and low noise characteristics.


  1. Thick Film Hybrid:

Our Thick Film Hybrid circuits are the perfect choice if you’re looking for great performance and a small package. These versatile microelectronic assemblies are ideal for the aerospace, defense, and medical sectors because they incorporate a variety of passive and active components onto a single substrate.


  1. Rotary Position Sensor:

Easy methods for measuring accurate rotary movements. With contactless sensing provided by our Rotary Position Sensors, long-lasting performance with less wear and tear is guaranteed.


Why Choose TPS Micro?


Although the sensor industry is enormous, here is why we stand out:


  • To deliver you the most cutting-edge sensor technology, we thrive on pushing the frontiers of innovation.


  • Quality: Every product we sell reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.


  • Precision is at the core of all we do, from design to production.


  • Reliability: When you choose TPS Micro products, you are making a decision that you can rely on repeatedly.


  • Customer satisfaction: We put your satisfaction first and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.